Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Used & Salvaged Airbags Forsale in New York

There are many questions surrounding the use of salvage airbags in the State of New York. Here is what I have learned from our customers:
  • Salvage yards are definitely restricted from selling used airbags in New York.
  • If you are a body shop or re-builder most inspection stations are requesting original dealer invoices showing new airbags.
  • If you are an individual, some inspection stations are allowing used airbags with a copy of an invoice with VIN numbers printed on it. The invoice must be from a company not registered in New York. Therefore, as long as you provide a copy of your receipt from an outside source you are allowed to register the vehicle with salvaged airbags.
  • Many shops are moving or inspecting salvage vehicles in surrounding states, NJ, CT, etc.
  • If your car is a clear title (NOT a Salvage Title) used airbags can be purchased and installed as long as you buy them from another state.
  • As long as you do not need a NY state salvage inspection any shop or individual can install used OEM airbags.

New York is really sticking it to there residents. Originally this law was created to reduce the theft of airbags. However, we receive countless calls from New Yorkers needing to replace there airbags after being vandalized. This law is simply lining the pockets of the automotive manufacturers. Used airbags, often referred to as pull-outs, is a cost effective way to rebuild your vehicle. As long as you buy them from a reliable source, used airbag is a product that can be responsibly recycled. Visit for additional information.

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