Thursday, November 12, 2009

Toyota Tacoma 2002 Airbag Light is On

Car Airbag Replacement Center

The connector under the seat is probably affecting the passenger seat belt pretensioner and not the passenger airbag. Yes, ressetting the contol module will clear the light but if the connector keeps acting up the error code is written back to the module and the light will turn on again. You need to solve the problem with the loose connector first before you have us reset the module for you.






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Rafael ---Wrote---

Hi, I have a toyota tacoma 2002 four door prerunner SR5, and the airbag light came on while i was on the road, I took it to the dealer and they told me that a connector under the passanger seat was loose so they got it to work again (turned light off), but they said if the light comes on again that I will need to replace the passanger side airbag. The light did came on again after about 150 milles, I need to get a price for the airbag. Or do you think that if i get the module reset will it turn the light off again.

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